Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Where am I now?

After a fantastic three weeks in Órgiva I am now with my fourth helpx host (second in Spain). Finca La Maroma is a luxury gay guest house less than one hour drive from Malaga. It is owned and operated by a lovely couple - Mark (from England) and Tom (from America) - and is also shared by their very boisterous young dogs, Otis and Homer.

Finca La Maroma

The finca (think holiday home in a rural setting) is named after the mountain which it sits below. La Maroma is the highest mountain of Sierra de Tejeda at an altitude of 2069m. The finca sits at 416m so the climate is very comfortable. In the November sun it is about 15-20 Celsius but quite chilly in the evenings. However, in the summer it is 25-30 Celsius and still warm in the evenings. Lovely!

The mountain of La Maroma
It is currently closed for winter so myself and another volunteer from New Zealand are enjoying the luxurious apartments for the next three weeks while we help with general maintenance, tidying and preparing the grounds for next year. We've been here three nights now and so far the tasks have included moving wood from a felled tree, clearing some very overgrown squash vines, weeding around the orange tree, sweeping up the decks and cleaning the pool.

One of today's tasks involved clearing out some rubbish from a shed, loading it into a trailer with the household recycling and driving the 4km to Sedella, the nearest village,m to dispose of it at the landfill site. Sedella is a sleepy little village of about 400 residents with a couple of shops, couple of bars and one restaurant which the locals never go to. It's not uncommon to see herds of goats being walked through the main street.

Goats in Sedella
Tom is a fantastic cook and the food so far has been excellent - as an example, last night's meal was beef bourguignon and it was delicious! Both of our hosts have been very thoughtful in making sure that we are comfortable in our rooms and have everything we need. They really are a great example of what helpx is about - a fair exchange of work by helpers for comfortable accommodation, good food and friendly conversation from hosts.

Oh, and did I mention the cats? They don't actually own any cats but there are about five that hang around, get fed and are well looked after. The friendliest of the bunch is Shadow who likes to follow you around when you take the dogs out or just get in the way when you're working outdoors.

I'm here until the 17th December so I'm sure there will be more to tell you before I depart for my next host which is a hostal (guesthouse) in Marbella. 


  1. I love your blogs and I enjoy all the facts about the areas you are staying Keep on writing!