Monday, 7 November 2016

Questions that people keep asking me

I've been meeting a lot of new people recently but also catching up with old friends. During conversation, new people often want to know what I do whereas old friends ask, "What are you up to these days?" My answer to both of these questions is that I'm travelling.

When you tell someone that you're travelling this almost certainly leads to more questions. Here's how the conversation usually goes:

Me: I'm travelling. 
Friend: Are you having a gap year or something? 
Me: No. I just decided that I want to see the world and that I don't want to wait till retirement age to do it. 
Friend: Sounds exciting. So where are you planning to visit? 
Me: Wherever the wind takes me. I'm planning to spend a few years in Europe and depending on how I feel after that I'll probably either head to South America or to the Far East. 
Friend: Oh wow! I wish I could do that but I'd never be able to afford it. What are you doing for money? Are you not working? 
Me: I make money online while I travel. I've been selling stuff on Amazon and more recently been trying to learn about affiliate marketing. I've also just started writing a blog about my travels.
At this point in the conversation the other person quite often has something negative to say about one or all of these things and why it probably won't work because someone they knew tried it once. They usually make some comment along the lines of "Don't worry. You can always come back and get a job." Sometimes I find myself agreeing with them because I realise that any sort of discussion with these sort of people is futile.

I am travelling. I plan to keep travelling. I will continue to make an income online and I will definitely not be coming back to get a job!

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