Wednesday, 9 November 2016

How I'm dealing with the pain of today's US election result

I was pretty shocked by the whole Brexit thing but waking up today to discover that America has elected a narcissistic, racist, egotistical twat to lead their country? Well, I'm flummoxed. Then I realised that there's no point stressing about things over which I have absolutely no control, put on my gardening gloves and got to work.

Every Wednesday the Orgiva Tea Garden is open to the public. Homemade cakes, soup and sandwiches are all available, there is a little shop selling some books, arts and crafts, and there are also various plants for sale. So today was a tidying up and making things look nice sort of day. 

After clearing up some more dead undergrowth I planted up some pretty pansies for the pots outside the shop. 

I dug up this poor plant that wasn't doing so well and moved it to a more sunny spot.

Then I replaced it with this beauty.

After that I went native and started pruning the olive trees (a work in progress).

So all in all a busy and productive morning which was a great distraction from the news and social media commentary which I really didn't feel like looking at anyway. 

So that's my coping mechanism. How have you been dealing with today's news?

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