Sunday, 6 November 2016

Did I get to London by hitchhiking?

Sadly not.

I went to the outskirts of Edinburgh and stood for an hour at a petrol station with my cardboard sign. Being Novermber it was very cold so I quickly lost motivation and checked for Megabus tickets on my phone. Only £35 for a same day bus ticket so I caved and bought one. Took a bus back to the city centre, got a coffee while I waited and finally I was on my way.

If you've never had the joy of a long bus journey (this one was 9.5hrs) then it's probably everything you imagine. There were noisy children, the seats are impossible to get comfy on, after a few hours the toilet smell seeped through the whole bus and the free wifi doesn't work properly. I'd recommend it but only because it's much cheaper than the train.

I'm flying to Malaga tomorrow and had ambitious plans to hitchhike to my first HelpX host near Orgiva in the Alpujarra mountains. With my limited Spanish I'm now thinking I'll abandon that plan and just take the bus. Decisions decisions.

In happier tones, just a quick thank you to all the friends I met while in Glasgow and Edinburgh this week. Everyone has been tremendously kind with providing me sofas to sleep on, buying me meals and most importantly just giving me the pleasure of their company. It was great to see you all and hopefully I'll get to see those of you that I missed next time.

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